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You Can Save Your Marriage Even if You’re the Only One Trying”

If your marriage is in trouble then you need to listen to what I have to say.


My name is James Evans and I’m here to tell you that you CAN saver your marriage no matter what the indiscretion was.


But there is something very important that you need to understand first. The very fact that you’re reading this page right now tells me that you’re having marital problems and it’s very important that you hear what I have to tell you.


How do I know? How can I say this?


Well, that’s simple.


All you have to do is look at the numbers.


50% of people that go through traditional marriage counseling still get a divorce. Only 15% say it had any affect at all on their marriage and that leaves 35% who stay unhappily married.


These are the same numbers as people who don’t go through counseling. The divorce rate in this country is 50%.


When they test new drugs to help people get better—if the same amount of people get better that didn’t take the drug as the ones that did—the new drug is not cleared by the FDA because it did not work.


Let me say that again. Traditional marriage counseling does not work!


If the same number of people that go through counseling still get divorced as the people that didn’t go through counseling—what does that tell you?


Just not the traditional model that you’ll find 99% of counselor practicing.


I’ll tell you why. The traditional model is based on seeing your counselor for 50 minutes once a week. Do you really think this is enough time to work through your problems? When it comes to marital problems 50 minutes is just enough time to get warmed up.


Then the session is over.


You have to go back home and deal with the problems you and your spouse are having for another week—probably getting worse—just to start the process all over again.


As I said earlier, this is the model 99% of marriage counselor follow.


If you truly want to move past the issues you’re having and have the marriage you deserve—you need a more intensive approach. The problems you’re having didn’t develop overnight. And the solutions to them will be drawn out for years—if you’re able to move past them at all—if you’re only working on them for one hour, once a week.


This is exactly the reason I shut down my four clinics in 1990 and focused solely on private counseling. I just couldn’t be the therapist that I wanted to be following the 50 hour a week model. Once I moved to a more intensive approach to counseling I started getting the results I knew where possible.


First, with my approach we will meet at least twice a week for two or more hours. By increasing the frequency and duration of your sessions this allows me to truly get to the root of what is causing the problems between you and your spouse.


Secondly, it’s important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming marital problems. Everybody is different and every marriage is different. Under the traditional model if the therapist recommends an approach that may not be the best for you—you and your spouse will know immediately that it is not going to work. But you don’t get to see your therapist again for another week. What I have found over the years is many times this will make the situation worse—because one person may become resentful to the other for not trying or purposefully sabotaging the efforts to fix the marriage.


With a more intensive model you get to come back and talk about it in a few days. If the approach seems as if it will not work we get to quickly respond and make adjustments.  There’s no time for resentments to build because you and your spouse are back in my office talking it out—with enough time in the session to actually make progress.


Do you see now why the traditional approach takes so long to work—if it even works at all?


Imagine for a moment how nice it will be to come home from work—or your spouse coming home—not having that knot in the pit of your stomach anticipating yet another fight or an evening of icy silence.


Falling back in love and feeling connected again with your spouse. There was a time when you believed they were your soulmate.


You can have that back again.


All you have to do is take the right approach to fixing your marriage.


If your serious about being happy again, wanting to feel connected and in love with your spouse again.


The first step for you is to give me a call


Here is my number: (248) 625-5533


The first call is just so we can get to know each other better and see if we are a match.


After that we will meet in my home office tucked away on my wooded lot in Clarkston. This is a relaxed comfortable setting that will allow you to feel free and open. If in the first half hour of this session you don’t feel that we are a match then I won’t charge you a thing and you will have still gained valuable insight about marriage and how to make it better.


Won’t you call me today and take the first important step in getting your life and marriage back together.


You’ll be glad you did.


Very Truly Yours,


James Evans Signature

James Evans


P.S. If you have the resources and the commitment I offer an even more intensive approach to fixing your marriage that works even faster. You can learn more about by clicking here.