Discrete Counseling

Discrete Counseling

No-Nonsense Advice About What to do When You’re in Need of Discrete Counseling Services

There are many reasons why you would want, or need, discrete counseling. You know what yours are. The most important part is that you don’t have any records showing that you’re seeing a therapist.


My name is James Evans and I have been offering services like this pretty much my whole career. Take a moment and let me tell you why I am the right choice when you need discrete counseling services.


By the time you’re finished reading this page you will know that not only have I spent my career counseling people in the highest levels of government and the private sector—But that I also understand what you’re going through.


You see, wealthy people have different problems that the rest of the world simply don’t understand. This makes it difficult for your average run-of-the-mill therapist to relate to you and help you work through your issue. They can’t understand what life is like for you—and don’t have the tools to help you.


Then you have to show up at their office (in public) and fill out medical paper work. This means even if you pay with cash—there’s still a paper trail.


So, let’s take a moment and talk about what the ideal situation is for you and how we can accomplish that.


The fact is, all therapist understand confidentiality. But there are comparatively few that truly understand the need for discretion. And even fewer still that have the credentials that I have and are available for you right now.


I think this would be a good time for me to tell you a little more about myself and how I can help you.


I’ll try and be brief. You can read my whole story on this site. But for now let me cover the important parts that relate to you.


My work with the government started early in my career. In 1972 I was running a substance abuse clinic for veterans at Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills Michigan. The work we were doing there got noticed by then Governor William Milliken. I was hand selected to work on drafting the Michigan Comprehensive Substance Abuse Act 1972-1973.


President Nixon took notice of the work we were doing and I was recommended to work with the Federal Government on the Shaffer Commission. This is when I started working the the DEA.


In the beginning I was giving lectures all around the country on substance abuse. Soon I was asked if I could counsel DEA agents that were coming out of being undercover.


As you can imaging this was kept off the books and this is where I really began learning the importance of discretion and how to be discrete and still get results.


And because of this—and my ability to get results—I was the guy used in a very tight knit circle of the Government.


You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this tight knit circle of people also included high level executives. Mostly in the auto industry.


I told you I would try and keep my story short so I am going to fast forward to 1975. This is when I broke away from Oakland Community College and started 4 new clinics on my own. My board consisted of high level executives. They contributed large amounts of money to my clinics. But I soon learned the real reason they were on my board was so they could have access to me.


That was very important in this circle. I soon became the go-to guy in the auto industry.


And I would be lying if I told you my clinics didn’t suffer because of it. There’s only so much of me to go around and this is when I learned that good help is hard to come by.


This went on until 1990 when I shut the doors on my clinics. There are couple reasons but the biggest one was that I just couldn’t be the therapist that I wanted to be. Blue Cross Blue Shield changed how much we were allowed to bill—only 50 minutes once a week. This happens to still be the current model although I believe it’s 45 minutes now. Also most of my time was taken with my discrete services which became a business of it’s own.


So, before I tell you all about how my services work I want to show you one thing. In 19xx I received this letter from Nancy Reagan (you can click the image on the right to enlarge it and read it). In this letter Nancy calls me a national hero. You don’t just receive a letter from the First Lady of the United States because you helped a few average people over the years. The work I have done over my career was noticed at the highest level of the Government.


The fact that you’re still reading this tells me that you definitely have a need for discrete counseling services and that you believe I can help you.


So I’ll tell you how it works.


First we’ll talk on the phone. This is so that we are both confident that we are a match.


The next step is for us to meet. This is technically your first session. However, if in the first half hour you no longer feel we are a match then I won’t charge you anything. (This has happened although it’s quit rare).


We will meet at my home tucked away on my wooded lot on the outskirts of Clarkston. Or we can meet in your home if that suites you better.


It’s important that you understand this will not be like the traditional therapy you find in the general counseling centers. If you really want to move past the problems you’re having in your life right now— one 50 minute session per week is not going to get you there. Unless you want to spend years in therapy.


I follow an intensive outpatient model where we will meet for two hours, or more, at least twice a week. I found this to be the best model for anybody to get over their problems quickly.


I want to help you move on with your life—not try and make you just another patient for many years to come.


So, there is no wiggle room in this. You must follow the program.


You can pay with cash or check. This is the discrete part. As far as anybody is concerned you were never counseled by me.


Now, the first step for you is to pick up the phone and give me a call: (248) 625-5575


Remember when I said earlier I was counseling DEA agents that were coming out of being undercover and this is when I learned how to be discrete and effective?


I’m going to focus on the effective part because these guys were not coming to my home for counseling. We had to meet at a separate location.


As you can imagine, this is difficult to do and still meet twice a week.


But I had to get the job done. You don’t want to let the DEA down.


It was during this time that I developed an even more intense model of counseling based on existing ones.


What I discovered is that by taking people to remote, and often exotic, locations where I completely immerse them in a foreign environment and take them out of their comfort zone—that I was able to induce rapid change in their thinking and how they deal with problems.


This is not a new concept in psychology. Just not one used that often. Most people do not have the resources to pull it of. Given the nature of my unique career I was in a position to not only have large amounts of experience with this model—but to perfect my techniques over the years.


The best part is. The adventure based counseling model is far more effective than the model most people have access to.


Imagine learning how to better cope with your problems and learn more about yourself then you ever have in 3 weeks in Jamaica rather than 3 years in some stuffy therapist’s office.


There are perks to being wealthy. Your problems may be amplified to a level that most ordinary people will never understand. But you have access to solutions that ordinary people don’t have. More effective solution that exist only because you have the resources to make it happen.


The first step for you is still to give me a call. Here is my number again: (248) 625-5575


I look forward to hearing from you.


Very Truly Yours,


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James Evans